Montag, 30. März 2015

When something unexpected happens to your life...

After my cat passed away I wasn't really sure if I want another cat. "No other one could replace her" was my feeling. So I decided to donate as soon as possible all the cats supplies I had in our kitchen, especially the huge pile of cat food cans. So I searched through the net for an  animal shelter near by. The sooner I get rid of the food the better.

But then I realized that our home turned into just a house. In my humble opinion a home needs an animal, no matter if it is a cat, a dog, a rabbit or just some birds or fishes. Without any pet it is just a house.

Long story short, instead of donating all of the food to the animal shelter - I found two new family members there =´`..´`=

In the 42 years of my life I have always been "staff" of queens (the three cats I had before were all girls) so this is my debut in being "staff" of a king :-)

So please welcome "Bär" (bear) :

He is a pitch black one with some single white hairs here and there :)

But as a king is nothing without his queen, here is his girl," Luna"  =´`..´`=

They aren't real siblings as she is a little bit older (even only half of his size), but they were "best friend forever" so I couldn't tear them apart.

Both are about one year old and they really touch our hearts - and celebrate party all day long *lol* Luckily they are tired at night...

As soon as they moved into our house my stamping muse moved in, too. Guess I will upload a lot of stamping cards next week. Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful day,


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