Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

White storks

Last weekend, when we were on the way to my daughters horseback riding class we saw these cute guys and gals in the field which bordered to the road:

Not ONE, but a total of SIX white storks in our small village, YEAH! (sorry, can't get all six storks on one photo).

Here is a close up of two of them:

They are really rare and I have never seen more than one of them in real life, so taking pictures of a group of six white storks is really like hitting the jackpot :-) Other people thought the same - dotzens of cars were promptly stopping and their driver were taking pictures - like me ;-) Luckily there were no car accidents :)

I know that a single pair of storks is breeding every year quite near to us (about 20 km - 12 miles) but I have never seen them live. Only through the webcam... so this is really something special for me.

In case you are interest in the webcam, just take a look here. The page is in german but the link goes directly to the webcam, so german language skills are not necessary. But if you are intereset: Right now, three of the eggs are hatched :)

Have a great day,

Sandra (Sunny)

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