Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Happy anniversary, Snickers!

Exactly ten years ago, on April 10th, 2004, I adopted this cute "little cat" you see in my avatar.

I have always been a cat girl (I like dogs, but I LOVE cats) and spent nearly me complete life with cats.

After my last one died at the age of nearly 20 years I have been without a cat for a short time - first I thought my heart would never heal but then I realized that living without a cat is even worse and I slowly start to think about a new family member.

I wanted a cat from an animal shelter, middle-aged (at least five years old), "childproof" and friendly and not a shy one (I love to hug and cuddle a cat). Searching the net and visiting tons of animal shelters -virtually and IRL- I came across a picture of a young tabby white one (way too young), rescued from a greece (!) animal shelter.


She promptly stole my heart and I knew from the very first second "this one - and no one else". I had to wait almost half a year (the "new" worst time of my life) and as I mentioned before -on April 10th, 2004 she moved to our house.

Snickers (named by the animal shelter, like the chocolate candy bar, because she is "so sweet and sticky") is the best which could has happened to me and my family.

She is friendly and cozy and fluffy and well behaved (never ever scratched any piece of furniture in our house) and follows me whereever I go or stay, like a little dog - even to the bathroom and loves to watch me having a shower :) Her favourite place to take a nap is on my knees or between me and the monitor ;-)

I really hope that we will stay another ten years together...

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