Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016


Hi there,

I haven't posted for quite a long time. 2015 was a busy year but 2016 seems to be so much better.

Did your hear from the new "I'm bringing birthdays back" challenge?

Nowadays with Facebook and What's app people tend to do not send cards anymore (by snail mail) and this is something we want to change...

So what about getting a real, stamped (handmade) card to your birthday? Just leave your birthday and your address in the comments (I de-activate the publish funktion, so no one else will read it neither will I use your personal infos for anything else than sending out a card to you) or send me an email...

I would really love receiving a card back when it's time for my birthday, but this is NOT a "must" :-)

I don't mind to send cards to foreign countries or even overseas, they will just need a little bit longer to arrive in your mailbox. (i.e. to the US about 4-6 days, to Japan 6-8 days, to Australia about 10-12 days and to Russia about 3-4 weeks).

Have a nice day, happy stamping!


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